Our Team

A clean-tech spinoff from the Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), specialized in creating value out of PET waste by using its proprietary circular technology.

Alexander Wolters

Research Chemist
Alexander studied Organic Chemistry in prof. Steve Davies’ group at the University of Oxford and prof. Ben Feringa’s group at the University of Groningen, where he obtained his master degree. After graduating, he started his professional career in the pharmaceutical industry, where he worked for two years. In 2018, he started in Ioniqa’s R&D department to contribute to solving the plastic problem.

Bart Weekers


Becky Stevens

Research Chemist
Becky holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Warwick (UK), where she focused on developing analytical chemistry techniques. In April 2019, she started working as research chemist at Ioniqa to provide extra analytical chemistry support for the team and assist the Quality Control laboratory.

Egor Fufachev

Research Chemist
Egor obtained a Ph.D. degree in Inorganic Chemistry at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) in 2019. The focus of his Ph.D. studies was in synthesis, characterization, and testing of heterogeneous catalysts. At Ioniqa he is working on the development of catalytic processes for plastics depolymerization.

Elvin Paffen


Jeroen Bulk

Jeroen is CFO at Ioniqa and has held various positions (Finance Director, CFO/COO, General Manager, Country Manager, Auditor) at a number of multi-national companies such as Christies, Crown, Ernst & Young, Energis, Global One). He is a qualified Chartered Accountant (RA) and ISO 9001 Auditor.

John Penders


Joost Wolters

Research Chemist
Joost obtained his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) in 2015. During his Ph.D. he studied the self-assembly of colloidal particles. He now applies his knowledge to investigate and optimize Ioniqa’s Magnetic Smart Materials & Processes for circular recycling.

Lonneke Slenders

Research Chemist
Lonneke holds a Master degree in Food Technology from Wageningen University. Here she focused on the usage of science to develop innovative products and processes. At Ioniqa she improves the circular process especially focused on the quality of the monomers produced from PET plastics for the usage of food packaging.

Lorenz Blankers

Lab Technician

Louk Moberts

Operations Support

Luuk Olijve

Research Chemist Luuk studied Biomedical Engineering and obtained a PhD in Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) in 2015. He worked for three years in the chemical industry, with the focus on polyurethane coatings. In 2019, he started to work at Ioniqa R&D on Smart Magnetic Materials for circular recycling processes for polyamides and polyurethanes.

Luuk Thijs

Research Chemist
Luuk graduated at Fontys University of Applied Sciences after a graduation intenship at the TU/e unit BPS. For his third year internship he worked at Ioniqa and performed studies on the reusability of Ioniqa’s Magnetic fluid and the decolorisation of the process.

Maarten Stolk

Business Developer

Marc Eggen

Plant Manager

Marco Bijleveld


Marek Korber


Marianne Gravendeel

Research Chemist
Marianne studied Chemical Engineering at Delft University of Technology, after which she directly joined Ioniqa Technologies as a Research Chemist. During her studies, her interest in sustainability, recycling and the energy transition continuously increased. This was the main reason for courses she followed, her thesis project and why started her career at Ioniqa.

Marijke Bentem


Melinda Krijgsman

Office Manager
Melinda graduated in International Business & Languages at the Hogeschool Zuyd. She fulfilled positions in marketing and office management within large international companies as well as smaller organizations.

Michiel de Groot

Michiel holds a Master degree in Chemical Engineering at Delft University. He held (senior) positions in engineering (Tebodin Consultants and Engineers) and manufacturing (Shell). At Ioniqa he is responsible for the operation of the demonstration plant in Botlek-Rotterdam and the engineering and operation of the scale-up to a commercial installation.

Patrick Hoogeveen


Ricardo Baltazar

PDEng Trainee

Robin Nevelstein


Sabina Tokarczyk

Chemical Analist
Sabina studied analytical chemistry at Summa College Eindhoven. During her study she gained experience at several companies where she worked at quality control laboratories. Sabina wants to expand her knowledge in analytical chemistry. At Ioniqa she is responsible for the Quality Control laboratory.

Sascha Jansen


Tanya Srivastava

PDEng Trainee
Tanya is currently pursuing a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (Process and Equipment Design) from TU Delft. She completed her masters in chemical engineering from TU Delft and has worked for one year in the food industry in India. As part of the second year of the PDEng program, she will be working at Ioniqa on upscaling of the process.

Tonnis Hooghoudt

Entrepeneur with years of experience in commercial and management areas ranging from multinational to small companies in Chemistry, Electronics and ICT. He has held senior positions in general management, business development, sales, marketing and finance in Europe, UK, USA, and Russia and studied at the University of Leiden (The Netherlands).

Willy Balter


Wim Doveren



Lotte van Dijk
Student of Fontys Hogeschool (The Netherlands) researching at IONIQA in the field of Magnetic Smart Materials and its various applications.

Jannes Grootendorst
Student of Hogeschool Utrecht (The Netherlands) researching at IONIQA in the field of Magnetic Smart Materials and its various applications.

Joey Helmonds
Student of Summa College (The Netherlands) researching at IONIQA in the field of Magnetic Smart Materials and its various applications.