DENUA™, an Ioniqa and KTS solution

We are excited to announce our latest step forward in technology innovation: Denua™, is a direct result of partnership with Koch Technology Solutions (KTS).


Why Denua™? The name ‘Denua’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘to renew’. It represents a new beginning, a fresh approach to addressing today’s challenges with tomorrow’s solutions.


Our Logo: At the heart of our logo is a spiral, symbolising the continuous cycle of PET regeneration that Denua™ champions. The circles are a reference to the recycle icon. The string of rings exemplifies the main part of bottle, our main source of feedstock. The colours of our logo highlight the partnership between Ioniqa and KTS; with the colours incorporating the colours of both logos.

Denua offers a unique solution to the plastic wasted issue. It is able to convert previously unrecyclable PET waste into monomers suitable for high-quality food-grade applications.  Our proven technology is able to tackle different coloured PET and upcycle it so that it is comparable in performance to Virgin PET. With our process we are able to do upcycle PET endlessly with approximately 50% carbon emission reduction when compared with vPET.

‘‘With Denua we are making a dent on the plastic universe, starting with PET plastics.’’ – Tonnis Hooghoudt, CEO/ Founder of Ioniqa Technologies.

As we prepare to unveil the technology behind Denua™, the brand stands as a proud representation of our journey towards advancing sustainable technologies and a testament to the powerful synergy between our companies.


If you would like to find out more about our process and technology make sure to visit our website